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American Pale Ale 3

The original recipe is listed at American Pale Ale. Since I never seem to be able to find a set of ingredients more than once, this time around there were numerous substitutions. Let's hope it doesn't impact the flavor.


1/2 lb Lt. Crystal malt
1 lb Munton's plain extra light dry malt extract (DME)
1 lb rice syrup solids
2 oz maltodextrin
4 lb IronMaster American Light Beer hopped liquid malt extract (LME)
1/2 tsp Irish moss
1/2 oz Cascade whole-leaf hops (flavor)
1/2 oz Cascade whole-leaf hops (aroma)
1 vial California Ale Yeast (White Labs WLP 001)


Heat 3 gallons of water to 150F. (Actual temp: 154F.) Steep Crystal Malt for 1 hour. (Temp at end had dropped to 138F.) Add DME, rice syrup solids, maltodextrin, LME and enough water to bring up to 5 gallons. Bring to a boil.
Boil timeInstruction
0 minSlow boil.
30 minAdd Irish moss.
35 minAdd Cascade hops (flavor).
45 minAdd Cascade hops (aroma).

Cool immediately to 70-74F. Pitch yeast.

O.G. 1.054
F.G. 1.012 (as of transfer to secondary, 7-02-2005)
F.G. 1.012 (as of transfer to keg, 7-19-2005)

Notes: This recipe was brewed on 7-25-2005. This brew was tasty, and the keg was finished off on 8-27-2005. The fermentation occurred at about 76°F.

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