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Maple Oatmeal Stout

2009.03.21: I was able to get 5 gallons of maple sap this year, thanks to Bubba Snyder, so I modded my Oatmeal Stout recipe ever so slightly to incorporate it. I didn't catch that the alpha acids on my hops were much lower than those used in my previous Oatmeal Stout, so the bitterness is going to be a bit low for this beer style. The extra sugar in the sap will bumping this up to the high end of the style. The color should be right on style. (Estimated: 1.066, 19 and 27°, respectively.)


5 gallons maple sap (at 57F, this had a SG of 1.014)
1.5 lb Crystal malt (80L)
4 oz roasted barley
8 oz chocolate malt
8 oz flaked oats
6.6 lb Briess Golden Light LME
1 oz Kent Goldings hop pellets (4.8% AA)
1/2 tsp Irish moss (I was out of it so I didn't use any)
English Ale yeast (WhiteLabs WLP002)


Heat 3 gallons of sap to 160F. Steep crushed grains for 60 minutes. This was done indoors on stovetop. The temperature was brought up to 160F, and then the stove was turned off and the pot was covered. At the end of an hour, the temperature had dropped to 140F

The pot was filled with sap and brought nearly to a boil on the outdoor burner. The LME was added. Once boiling started...

Boil CountdownInstruction
60 minAdd Kent Goldings hops.
15 minAdd Irish moss.
5 minAdd copper cooling coil (to sanitize).

Start up the cooling coil and cool to 70F. Transfer to primary fermenter. Pitch yeast. (I did not make a starter.)

O.G. 1.063
The est F.G. is 1.017 - We'll have to see if it turns out that way.

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