Sunshine Rum Punch

I got this recipe for Sunshine Punch from my mom. I added the rum on my own. The amount of rum used has been calculated to make a 10 proof drink (5% alcohol by volume).


12 oz orange juice concentrate
12 oz lemonade concentrate
2 qt water
46 oz pineapple juice
875 mL rum
2 L lemon-lime soda


Pour all ingredients except soda into a container. Place in the freezer. Stir every 6 hours or so, until slushy. If you don't stir, you will need an ice pick and a lot of time to get the punch back to a slushy consistency. Scrape into punch bowl and add soda.

Note: For a double batch in a 5 gallon food grade pail, it takes approximately 30 hours to freeze.

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